How to Choose a Sewing Machine That Will Last a Lifetime


Sewing, quilting and embroidery are rewarding and popular hobbies. Sewing enthusiasts can use their tools and skills to make items for both others and for themselves. All it takes is a little craftiness and a great sewing machine to become well-known among your family and friends.

And if you take the time to select the right sewing machine and dealer for your needs, it can last you a lifetime!

Like many home appliances, quality-made sewing and embroidery machines can range in prices. You’ll want to visit your local dealer and take a look at the full range of machines that are available and learn about the features on each one to make the right choice for you.

Consider what you need and want in a sewing machine, including must-have and preferred features. Do you want it for sewing primarily, or do you also want the ability to make custom embroideries on your garments? The top brands offer many different models with different capabilities to match your need. Each model will also have optional accessories and attachments will add to the overall lifetime value of your machine.

If you’re interested in learning how the machines have worked for other crafters, there are many sewing magazines and websites that offer detailed customer reviews. Additionally, internet blogs and social media sites for the manufacturers will also offer evaluations of the different models. You will find comments and reviews there that can help you make your choice. Feel free to post to these forums and sites and ask questions that will help you make your decision.

Your  local dealers do have special offers on the models you are interested in.

Focus your attention on name-brand, quality machines that offer a lengthy warranty on parts and service. A longer warranty is a sign that the machine is high-quality and will require less maintenance in its lifetime. On the other hand, a cheap, off-brand machine will give you a false savings. Inexpensive products will not last long and you will find yourself spending more on repairs and upkeep over the long run.

Also consider the size of the machine. Compactmodels are convenient for lightweight work and are also portable. You may be able to sew on the dining room table or pack up the machine to take to local classes or sewing groups. Larger machines might require a dedicated area or sewing table in your home.

Ask yourself if it was easy to thread and adjust the tension on the machine. Ease-of-use is going to be an important factor.

Don’t forget to learn about the warranty and training schedule for the machine that you select, which should be included in the price of the machine. Look through the owner’s manual or ask the dealer for details.

Finally, look at the accessories and attachments that come with your machine.  Communicating with the retailer will help you get the best bargain for your preferred machine.


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