Custom Embroidered Belt – any size!

Embroidered Belt

Embroider the belt as long as you need, with the Endless embroidery hoop and the beautiful embroidery design from your HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 machine. Finish the belt with a mini piping, the extra detail that will make it look fabulous. Select your favorite embroidery thread colors in the Intro Embroidery PC software before you even start.

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Bubble Quilt Sewing Project

The colorful and three dimensional bubble quilt is fun and easy to create. Add your own name, embroideries or just simply re-use some of your favorite t-shirts that you love and have worn out. As you do not need very big pieces for the bubbles you might have some left over fabric scraps you can use. Approximate finished size: 29½ x 53”.

Made with the all-new entry-level sewing and embroidery machine, the Designer Jade 35!

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August 2015 – Free Sewing Project – SEE Blouse

Simple, Elegant and Easy – make this chic blouse in an hour!


Sewing Supplies:

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