How to Choose a Sewing Machine That Will Last a Lifetime


Sewing, quilting and embroidery are rewarding and popular hobbies. Sewing enthusiasts can use their tools and skills to make items for both others and for themselves. All it takes is a little craftiness and a great sewing machine to become well-known among your family and friends.

And if you take the time to select the right sewing machine and dealer for your needs, it can last you a lifetime! Continue reading

Your UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) Can Earn Bonus Cash for you in 2016!


As promised, our new incentive plan for 2016 is now available! Download your UFO Project List form and bring it in to Country Patchworks to kick things off!

The incentives are simple: Just take an inventory of all those unfinished projects on your sewing table (those pants you never finished hemming, the pillow that just didn’t get finished, or that quilt you need to finish piecing) and bring the list into Country Patchworks. For each project you finish, you’ll earn bonus cash you can use to fund future projects!

Click here to download the UFO Project List, or come by the store to pick one up!

How about a goal for this winter? Let’s all work to finish 4 projects from your UFO list. Anyone who completes 4 projects before April 15 will receive an extra special bonus!


Kitchen Towel Apron – Free Sewing Project


What could be more fun than making an apron from a kitchen towel? Match your kitchen décor and utilize the perfect place to show-off your sewing machine’s decorative stitches, finish with a ruffle and tie-one on! This is a great project to do with the kids, they’ll love picking out different stitches and thread colors!

See the full project materials list and download the instructions PDF document here!